Wheel & Tire Washing Guide For Washing Your Car At Home

Wheels are frequently overlooked during car washing due to the difficult-to-access areas behind the brakes and suspension and the build-up of grime caused by their proximity to the road, making them a challenging area to clean. Here’s a complete guide on wheel & tire washing so that you can keep your tires in good condition.

Use A Wheel-Cleaning Agent

To achieve a thorough wheel & tire washing, it’s essential to have a wheel-specific cleaning agent, a soft brush with a long handle, microfiber cloths, a detailing hand brush, and a high-quality wheel wax. Additionally, it’s important to evaluate the level of dirt and debris on your wheels to determine the appropriate cleaning procedure. For well-maintained wheels, the cleaning process will be less intensive, whereas, for heavily soiled wheels, a more intense cleaning process will be required.

Rinse The Wheels

For wheels that require minimal cleaning, begin by rinsing the wheels from top to bottom with a hose to remove any loose dust or dirt that could cause streaks or scratches during the cleaning process. Next, mix your chosen wheel cleaning agent with water in a bucket and use a hose to create suds. Apply the solution to the wheels using a soft brush specifically designed for cleaning car wheels.

Scrub Top To Bottom

Once the cleaning solution is applied, scrub the wheel thoroughly from top to bottom to avoid any dirt from recontaminating the cleaned surfaces. Use the brush with a long handle to reach the intricate areas behind the wheel and brake calipers. For tighter spots around the lug nuts and in between closely spaced spokes, use a brush that is delicate and smaller in size. Rinse the brushes occasionally to add lubrication, and continue to rinse and repeat the process until all four wheels are sparkling clean.

Don’t Forget The Other Wheels

For wheels that have been neglected and have a heavy build-up of brake dust, a more intensive cleaning process is necessary. In this case, an extra-strong cleaning agent can be used. This cleaner is specifically designed to break down and remove iron contaminants, fallout, and microscopic pieces of shrapnel lodged in the paintwork or wheels. If any debris is contacted and broken down, Iron Out will produce a visually striking “bleeding effect” where the affected area turns bright red.

Use A Rust Remover As Needed

To use a rust remover on heavily soiled wheels, spray it onto the wheel and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes until the color changes. Then, using a more aggressive brush, scrub the wheel from top to bottom. Continuously rinse the wheel as you scrub to ensure that you’ve removed all dirt and debris. For extra cleaning power, use a detailing brush and a car shampoo of your choice to agitate the tighter parts of the wheel.

Driving around with dirty and greasy wheels is a look no one wants. For thorough, wheel & tire washing services in Central Texas, call us for more information or stop by our tire stores in Texas to get your tires looking squeaky clean!

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