How to Sell Your Car for Parts

Being sold for parts is the ultimate fate of a lot of different cars. In fact, it is a good indicator that a car has been well-loved and well-used if it has stuck around with an owner long enough to eventually reach the “sell it for parts” condition. Auto-parts can be exceptionally valuable and can really boost the value of a used car which, on the face of it, doesn’t seem to be in any kind of working order. But for a car to be profitably sold for parts, the owner should know just what parts are inside and how much they are worth, perhaps enlisting the services of a professional appraiser in order to find this out.

The most important thing to know before deciding to sell your car specifically for its parts is the distinction between a junk yard and an auto-salvage yard. A junk yard takes junked cars whole and usually for the minimum price, meaning there is a lot of searching to be done if customers wish to find particular auto parts among a large and usually disorganized inventory. An auto-salvage yard, on the other hand, is an institution that specifically exists to sell on parts. Accordingly, auto-salvage yards will offer an appraisal of your vehicle to ascertain the value of the parts inside. Auto-salvage yards often remove and restore the parts themselves in order to build an inventory that they then present to their customers.  If you haven’t already guessed, an auto-salvage yard is the better option if you are deciding to sell your car for parts.

Make Sure It Is the Best Option

Before deciding to sell your car for parts though, it is worth ascertaining that this really is the best option for your used car. The best dealerships, for example, will often take a car in any condition. One such dealership offering to pay the best price for a car in any condition is Cash for Cars in San Diego, which is the best option for those looking to sell a used car in San Diego or the Southern California area.

If you have a car in extremely poor condition, then you probably are out of luck when it comes to private sales. Nevertheless, the reason a dealership will take your car is that it has the resources and market reach to both restore the car (if necessary) and then find a buyer quickly. Sometimes, a dealership will buy a car in very poor condition with the intention of selling it for parts anyway. What will ultimately make the fate of the car clear, however, is a professional appraisal, the likes of which reputable dealerships such as Cash for Cars in San Diego will provide.

Have You Had Your Car Recently Serviced?

A great tip when taking your car to an auto-salvage yard is to consider whether you have had the car recently serviced and, specifically, whether any additional parts have been installed in the car. If they have, then this is something that could seriously increase the value of your junker – simply because it has parts that are significantly newer and in better condition than the rest of the car.

Know What’s Inside

Professional appraisals are a must. A good auto-salvage yard or dealership will always provide an appraisal, and you really should always take advantage of it. This is simply because selling a used car for parts ultimately comes down, more than anything else, to knowing what those parts are. In short, you should know the real value of what you are selling.

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