8 Unexpected Places You Can Find Mold Right Now

Mold is not pleasant, it has a bad odor, looks disgusting and can carry with it a long list of health issues that can persist if not removed correctly. But mold isn’t always obvious, sometimes it can grow where there are high moisture levels and you won’t find it until it becomes a bigger issue.

So, here’s where mold commonly grows around the home.

#1. Inside Cars

Did you know your car is a hotbed for mold? It might surprise you to hear this, but cars are surprisingly insular vehicles, after all, they’re meant to keep you comfortable while driving. This means if you eat in your car, or spill water in your car and then the moisture levels grow within the car, you can have mold within 24 hours.

To remove this, simply wiping away the mold isn’t enough, you will need to call a top-rated car mold removal firm, such as the experts at Flood Pros USA for guidance.

#2. Inside Washing Machines

Mold can often grow around the gasket, and the rubber sealing around a front-load washers door. This is because the gasket doesn’t have a chance to dry once the washing machine’s door is closed, and the same goes for the rubber seal. The best way to avoid this is to let your washing machine dry out completely between washes.

#3. The Air Conditioner

Pollen and dust can build up in air conditioning units, and then mold grows all around this debris, which pretty much feeds the mold. In addition, if an air conditioning unit isn’t used regularly, mold can grow on drain pans as well as the air ducts.

#4 The Chimney

Mold easily grows in chimneys as the brick can trap debris, dirt and water. If not used for a long period of time, this can cause mold to grow where you can’t even see it. This only gets worse if the chimney caps have rust, as it can cause a major mold issue down the line. If you haven’t cleaned out your chimney recently, let this be your reminder!

#5. Near Drywall & Wallpaper

Drywall is a common place to find mold. This is because drywall contains high amounts of cellulose, and this helps mold grow. Often the only way to remove mold from drywall is to actually cut and remove it manually, and this can be time-consuming and costly. In addition, mold can grow behind walls, on insulation behind walls and in wall cavities as these can hold moist air pockets. Although you won’t often find mold growing on wallpaper, you can see it growing behind wallpaper, as this is an often overlooked area that moisture can seep into.

#7. Home & Office Carpets

Carpets are a common spot for mold and bacteria growth. As the fibres can trap moisture, it allows for mold to grow and run rampant. You often won’t even notice unless there is discolouration, or if there is an odor.

#8 In Boats

If you own recreational vehicles, such as a boat you may be disheartened to see mold growing under the boat cover during the off-season. Unfortunately, this is a common and expensive issue, as boat covers commonly trap mold into the boat, where it grows over time. If you need help combatting this, call the best boat mold removal company in the US! 

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