How to find a great mechanic for the car

Several repairs can make you take your car to a repair shop such as the R & D Auto Repair. Based on the surveys carried out, most consumers do have a high level of satisfaction with independent shops as compared to car dealerships.

But to be able to identify a mechanic with whom you can entrust your car repairs might take a lot more than having to allow your fingers to do the walking. There will be a need to do some sleuthing the old-fashion way. There isn’t a single clue as to what will make a great repair shop, but some of the things that you have to look for include the following:

  • Find a shop which deals with your car brand: Most garages do specialize in particular makes. The ones which focus on your car type are more likely going to have the latest equipment and training to be able to fix your vehicle.
  • Ask your friends and family: Try seeking recommendations from those who have a car that is similar to yours.
  • Check out the internet: Get information online regarding local mechanics on the consumer reports, Angie’s list, car repair estimator, and cartalk mechanic files. gives such service free of charge, for Angie’s list, you will have to make a subscription, when it comes to the car repair estimator; you will also get the service for free. If you prefer the Consumer Report, you will have to be an online subscriber.
  • Check for the certifications: The shop and mechanic need to be certified and the ASE or the National Institute for automotive service excellence.
  • Check the better business bureau: On the bureau’s list of the common complaints, the auto repair shops rank the 12th. Go to the website of and get the information that you require which could help you to find out which shops you need to avoid and which ones you should embrace.
  • Give the shop a try: Before there is a need for a big repair on your car, you might require trying some local repair shop for the small repairs or items maintenance like filter and oiling changes.
  • Ask about the warranties: The kind of guarantees which the shop can give out on the repair work is also important. There can be a variation in warranties among the repair shops and thus a need to ask regarding them before you go in. utilize common repairs such as the brake work to be your guide.
  • Ensure that the shop is convenient: Even a repair shop that is considered to be best might not be worth all your effort if its hours tend to conflict with your daily schedule or you only have a few options for transportation after dropping your car.

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