Gearing up for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning for many involves getting rid of old things and tackling cleaning and chores that are only done occasionally throughout the year. However, don’t let the name fool you because spring cleaning can happen any time of the year when the weather is nice, and it is ideal for tackling those indoor and outdoor chores many put off. From cleaning ceiling fans to using a car odor eliminator, consider these pointers for successfully tackling spring cleaning projects to help make the surroundings cleaner and more pleasant all year.

Cleaning Your Home

The primary focus of spring cleaning usually involves the main part of a home. However, it can also involve storage buildings, guest houses, and even cars. However, you should tackle the primary living space first because it is where the most activity is in the home, and there is likely to be much more need for deep cleaning. To get started, many focus on getting rid of things they no longer need. This process frees up space in the living areas and makes cleaning easier and more effective.

The next step should involve wiping down surfaces from top to bottom. One of the areas of focus should be the ceiling fans and the ceiling itself. Next, wipe down walls with mild soap and water and use an eraser sponge or something similar for stubborn marks. Homeowners should clean baseboards with a sponge mop or a rag using soap and water. Be sure to dust objects and furniture surfaces after the walls are cleaned and before you tackle floors. Once the higher surfaces are cleaned, move on to the carpet or floors. Vacuum and sweep entirely, and then use a steam cleaner designed for the specific surfaces in your home.

There are steam cleaners for both the non-carpeted spaces and for the carpet. If you have pets, pay special attention to the cleaners used to get rid of stains and odors. Use a car odor eliminator that can also be used in the home and around pets. There are several non-toxic cleaners on the market that can leave surfaces clean and free from odor.

Cleaning Other Places

Some areas to consider cleaning after the home are the car, garages, outbuildings and guest houses, and campers, boats, and recreational vehicles. Use the same techniques and pay special attention when using cleaning products. Use something that is safe for most surfaces and won’t make pets or wild animals sick or cause harmful fumes while using them. Be sure to let those places air out after cleaning and dispose of all garbage and waste products appropriately. If you have chemicals or items in the garage that could be dangerous, find out where you can dispose of them safely, namely through a county or local program for disposing of hazardous materials around the home. There is usually a spot to do this or a special time frame where they can be dropped off for disposal.

If you are planning to tackle spring cleaning, consider using these tips to help guide you through the process and prevent the need for having to go back over places you have already worked on and help avoid coming into contact with dangerous or harsh chemicals and other hazards.

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