A Lowdown on DUB Wheels and Which of Their 2022 Models You Should Buy

There is hardly an aftermarket or custom wheels enthusiast who does not know of DUB Wheels. The 100% Made in the USA wheels have taken the custom rim world by storm in almost all the leading markets of the world, and they have a special place in the hearts of those Americans who are looking to get their favorite Camaros a lift. Change is good, but only if you do it right, and you need to be extra careful when it comes to making modifications to your vehicle. Just before making any changes, make sure to check out these useful tips to help you avoid common mistakes that could potentially void your warranty and insurance policy when modifying you car.

What sets DUB apart from BMW Wheels and other similar iconic products is the sheer range of products the former has in its arsenal. DUB has always been a pioneer in the field of designing newer and newer models of rims, and 2022 has not been any different.

The company is well-known for its technologically advanced manufacturing processes including casting, forging, free flow casting and so on. Like F 150 Wheels that are used by the legendary Ford pickup trucks, these wheels too are capable of carrying immense loads without appearing to bear too much brunt.

So, are you looking to buy a new set of DUB Wheels in the coming months? Let’s get you started.

2022’s best DUB rims

Here are the top rims you can look for this year.

  • Baller X84: This is a new addition to the existing family of 1-piece wheels. Just like other entrants in this family, the Baller X84 has two variants and comes in shades of Chrome only. One variant is a brushed version with a polished lip, while the other one is a beautifully forged one. The second one looks a lot similar to F 150 Wheels made by some of the top brands in the USA.

The X84 range comes in 4 sizes and are carved out of high-grade aluminum. If you are looking to lift your pickup van or heavy-duty and high-speed vehicle, you can always go for these wheels.

  • Cojones 2242: This is easily the most attractive set of DUB Wheels you will buy this year. These rims are available only in milled black finishes and have a pronounced lip. Like other Cojones model, this is a 1-piece model. This essentially means that the rims will have greater response to hard braking and will also assist in faster acceleration.

This particular model has two sizes, the 24×9 and the 24×10. This makes them direct competitors to rims made by BMW Wheels for either their passenger cars or their heavy vehicles.

Either way, if you are unsure of which size you should choose, you can always look up the right wheel size which you will find in your car owner’s manual. There are 2 other ways of finding this out. One is by going to the official website of the car manufacturer and getting the right sizes of the OEM wheels.

Else, you can ask some of the local retailers who have experience dealing in custom rims.

  • Storm X114: Of all the DUB Wheels that have been launched this year, the Storm X114 range appears to be the one which has been completely reworked and started from scratch. This is a continuation of the Storm family which comprises of forged monoblock wheels only. The X114 is a late addition and was supposed to launch by 2021-end, ultimately ending up in 2022.

What sets this model apart is the fantastic and aggressive design. This model is a must-have for off-roading enthusiasts. The monoblock construction denotes that the entire wheel has been forged out of a single big chunk of aluminum, leaving behind no doubt as to its hardy nature and resistance to too much damage.

Another aspect where these rims trump the other F 150 Wheels is in their design philosophies. DUB has outdone itself and has come up with 3 completely separate colors and finishes.

For the extra-adventurous, the Rose Gold variant will suffice. The Chrome brushed model with a distinctive lip is a strong contender to being the most stylish off-road capable rim from DUB Wheels or any other rival company.

Finally, we have the black glossy which has numerous spokes mixing with the rim insides, giving the wheels a mesh-like pattern. This is something that gives these rims a dynamic look that can rival even the most premium custom rims available for sale in the US markets today!

A few final words

Always purchase DUB Wheels from renowned retailers as you will also receive the accompanying bells and whistles intact. Also, ensure that you do not mix used and new rims, as it is a dangerous practice.

Happy motoring!

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